Police Car Auctions

Police car auctions are auctions that sell off used police vehicles. Police forces need to replace their car fleets fairly frequently but once a police car is done with the service it will generally still be in extremely good condition compared to many second hand cars - so, you can pick up a bargain vehicle here if you are lucky.

Police car auctions take place all over the country at regular intervals. In all cases all police cars that are put up for auction will have had all of their official markings removed and all of the equipment taken out that mark it as a police vehicle. So, you’ll be able to buy the basic car but not the siren or the police radio, for example!

One of the big advantages to buying a car at a police car auction is that the cars here have generally been looked after really well. So, the vehicle you buy will have been serviced regularly, maintained well and will have been given the best parts available to keep it in good running order.

But, do be aware that many police cars will have quite high mileage and may not look so great from a cosmetic point of view. Cars will only be sold if they are safe and roadworthy but removing the police markings and equipment from the cars can leave some superficial damage.